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Hoopla Marketing is an industry-leading influencer marketing agency in Manchester, UK. We deliver powerful influencer campaigns that drive real results.

If you are looking to implement an influencer marketing campaign, then we can help.

At Hoopla, we harness the power of influential creators to produce attention-grabbing content, which we then amplify to consistently achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We specialise in tailor-made influencer campaigns that drive conversions, conversations and online communities. Our secret recipe? A potent blend of data, insights, and creativity that fuels high-performing influencer marketing activations, generating tangible business results.

Through strategic data-driven insights, we establish meaningful connections with the perfect creators for your brand, seamlessly converting attention into action and revenue.

Our comprehensive services encompass end-to-end campaign execution and management, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

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The benefits of using social influencer marketing:

Generate awareness, engagement and desire for your brand, product and services.

Effectively reach your target audience through influencers who have developed a following of people with interests in your niche.

Quickly build trust and credibility with your target customer through authentic recommendations, storytelling and influencer-generated content.

Gather creative influencer-generated content to enrich your overall content strategy and inspire your target customer.

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Influencer & Engagement

Based on your objectives and targets, we begin the process of researching, validating and engaging influencers who; Resonate with your target audience, carry true authority in your niche, can show a true passion for your brand, create fantastic content, ensure authentic storytelling & Willing to collaborate on an ongoing basis.

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Campaign Briefing & Management

When all selected influencers have been approved by yourself, we then start the full campaign briefing process. This includes providing influencers with detailed creative briefs and any relevant contracts to help with their content development. We managed the roll out of the campaign across the influencer network including distributing product samples and personalised information for the influencers.

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Influencer Performance Tracking

Each influencer is provided with login details to their own dashboard where they can generate their own unique tracking URL’s and trackable codes to use in their content. This allows us to track in real-time how well each influencer is performing, and provides us with the all the required metrics (Impressions, clicks and sales) to track and monitor all activity. Not only does this allow us to track the performance of each influencer, but it also allows us to reward the best performing influencers with a commission on each sale they generate.

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Once everything is in place then your influencer campaign is ready to go live! This is where you'll start to see all the stunning photography and video content produced by your HIVE of influencers.





Influencer Content Amplification

We amplify the best performing influencer-created content to key target audiences through the use of data driven social media campaigns to achieve a greater reach, traffic and sales. Only the best influencer content is amplified through the brand’s own social media channels.

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Content, Monitoring & Reporting

Collecting all of your influencer content can be a very time consuming task! We solve this issue by collecting all of the content posted and provide this to you in a regular content report so you can see what has been produced and posted. Along with your regular content reports, we’ll also provide you with a detailed report at the end of every month, showing all key metrics such as impressions, clicks, leads and sales!