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Warner Leisure Hotels approached Hoopla for support in utilising influencers to drive awareness and encourage customer action among their target audience.

Influencer Marketing
Luxury Hotel Chain • Hospitality


  • Awareness and consideration of the Warner brand

  • Education of the brand’s USPs and benefits to audience of people aged 50+ who have an interest in travel, activities, getting outdoors, relaxation and luxury hotels.

  • To show that Warner’s hotels allow guests to experience the best that Britain has to offer.

  • Target people between 50-65, to show that Warner’s holidays offer relaxing stays with activities and facilities that appeal to a slightly younger demographic.

Warner Leisure Hotel Far away
Warner Leisure Hotel Front
Warner Leisure Hotel Outside eating

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  • We researched and developed organic and authentic relationship with key influencers that had a true passion for the brand and service and had an engaged following of the brands 50-65 target audience.
  • We researched, validated, engaged and invited the influencers into the campaign. This stage ensured we only engage influencers who carry true authority in the brands niche and had a true passion for the brands service offering to ensure authentic storytelling.
  • Created a network of key influencers who was willing to promote the brand their key social channels
  • Influencers where provided with unique affiliate links and trackable codes allowing us to track and monitor all activity.
  • We managed the roll out of the campaign across the influencer network including personalisation for the influencers.
  • The influencers where provided with detailed creative briefs to help with their content development
  • 10 influencers took part in the campaign and generated a range of pieces of content across their websites and social channels such as blogs, video content and social content
  • Influencer management and content monitoring.
  • Social media campaigns put in place to amplify influencer activity to key target audiences to achieve a greater reach.
  • Reporting on all available metrics such as Reach, engagement, website traffic, sales and revenue. This allowed us to track the performance of each influencer and reward the best performing influencers.
  • We provided a detailed report, displaying all the content that has been produced over the campaign period.

Recent Results

90,300 audience engagements
over 850,000 impressions
105 pieces of influencer content

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