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As a leading agency for Facebook ads, Hoopla Marketing helps Dubai brands connect with their ideal customers. You’ll benefit from invaluable marketing knowledge from skilled professionals, helping you to reach local and global audiences.

Your go-to Facebook ads company

Specialising in Facebook ads, Hoopla Marketing is the advertising agency of choice for brands in Dubai and across the globe. With local offices in the UAE’s most populous city, we’re perfectly positioned to help businesses succeed using highly targeted ads. 

Hoopla’s experts will optimise your advertising campaign to deliver the maximum return on your investment. How? By targeting the right customers, creating appealing content and continually optimising ads to elevate your brand to the next level.  

High-quality ads are created by our team of Facebook PPC ad experts, reaching finely curated audiences – locally and globally. Every stage of the advertising journey is supported, from design to implementation. That’s what sets Hoopla Marketing apart as a Facebook ad agency. 

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Facebook’s advertising potential 

One of the most valuable marketing strategies for modern brands is paid social. Why? Consumers use social media sites every week, every day and even every hour. With the advent of mobile apps, the likes of Facebook are always at the fingertips of your target audience. The only hurdle is getting yourself in front of the right people. 

Facebook is the ultimate social networking tool when it comes to active users, providing an incredibly wide reach to gain customers for your business. Users of Facebook come from all sorts of different backgrounds and demographics. Most importantly, their data is collected to help advertising companies understand these variables and create the right strategies. 

This is how Facebook stands out from other social media platforms. Your ads can be highly targeted, focusing on specific consumers to introduce people to your brand or retarget those further along the customer roadmap. The end result is more clicks on your site, better conversion rates and a higher ROI. 

Advantages of hiring a professional Facebook advertising agency 

Creating your own Facebook ads can be a complicated task. From targeting criteria to content, the number of variables can make it feel like a maze. Aside from confusing you and your team, that’s a lot of time and money being spent with little return.  

But it doesn’t have to be so challenging.  

Hoopla’s industry leaders are on hand to give your company a boost. Operating as an extension of your team, we’ll tailor advertising campaigns to engage your audience and convert them into customers. By creating effective adverts, our team will optimise your Facebook advertising budget to give you more bang for your buck.  

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Choose Hoopla in Dubai 

We’ll keep it simple. Hoopla is a digital marketing agency that consistently delivers outstanding results. Annually managing over £1 million in social media ad spending, we have worked with well-known, reputable companies such as JCB, Amazon, ITV and Aldi.   

To ensure that every advertisement performs at its peak, our team uses a wide range of tactics. Modern analytics, A/B testing and in-depth market research. That allows us to build and continually improve your adverts for maximum ROI. 

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Our Facebook advertising process 

Every click is important to your brand – and to us. That’s why we’ve developed a tried-and-tested process to ensure that your Facebook ad campaigns are put into place smoothly and effectively, without sacrificing the quality of the final result.  

1. Consultation – First, we consult with clients to ensure we are clear on your objectives and what you are expecting from your Facebook ads. We’ll also review your current Facebook ads and the type of strategies you use.  

2. Market Research – In collaboration with your team, we will develop a public relations plan and identify the demographics that your brand focuses on – in Dubai or further afield. 

3. Content Creation – We will then move into creating tailored Facebook ads that are personalised for your business. They will incorporate content that appeals to your target audience and reflects your main objectives – including the use of images, videos and influencer marketing.     

4. Site Optimisation – To convert visitors into customers, your site needs to be at the top of its game too. After all, that’s where your Facebook ads will lead to. Our team will make sure that’s the case, so there’s no weak link in your chain! 

5. Monitoring – We’ll use the Facebook pixel to monitor your ads, track conversions, enable remarketing and gather data for upcoming campaigns. 

6. Optimisation – We will provide monthly reports on the effectiveness of your ads and revisions will be made, if needed, to maximise ROI. Higher than the Burj Khalifa – the sky is the limit! 

7. Customer Journey – Ensuring that your brand gets the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign, we’ll develop a thorough strategy for tribe marketing, cross-selling and building loyalty with your customers.   

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Types of Facebook ads 

We leave no stone unturned when building Facebook advertising campaigns that are tailored to your company, audience and more. That starts with the type of advertisements used, from a long list of options on the platform…  

Users are targeted with Dynamic Product ads, a unique service that highlights your products so that you don’t have to. By installing the Facebook pixel on your website, users that have been searching for your products or similar will be targeted automatically with the appropriate ads.

There is great strength in advertising products with images. With Collection ads, your users are targeted with sharp, appealing images that help draw attention to your site. These ads are an excellent way to advertise product ranges or a group of related images. 

Carousel is a layout that shows multiple images in one advert, allowing for the exposure of several products at once. Each image is clearly identified in its own tile with a link to the product page, so users can browse easily.  

Leads to your site become more likely using this layout as potential customers are able to sign up or subscribe to product websites, without clicking away from Facebook.  

Using a canvas ad on Facebook means that users can interact with any content on your site. They can scroll and swipe to view videos and images, as well as read text.

Grabbing the user’s attention immediately, Facebook Video ads increase your brand awareness by promoting a specific page on your website. Compared to text or images, video ads can share more information, giving you an increased chance of attracting clicks.

Boosting your posts reaches beyond your existing Facebook audience and attracts new users. Using this method allows you to target a specific audience with a specific ad, incorporating a link to increase traffic to your website.  

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FAQs about Facebook advertising

Approximately 2 billion people use Facebook every day. That’s an unthinkable amount of potential exposure for your business. Your target audience can be reached in seconds with a paid social ad, letting them know the exact reasons why your products and services are perfect for them. 

There are no limitations when it comes to the diverse range of sectors that we work with. At Hoopla Marketing, we represent every industry out there that wants an effective and global marketing strategy. So, whether you are in construction, hospitality, engineering or fashion – and everything in between, our team can create high-performing, personalised ads for your business.  

We are based locally in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE.  

Mail Address: Unit 3706, Platinum Tower JLT-PH1-12, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE 

Dedicated Phone Number: + 971 4 413 5076 

Linkus Extension: 1176 

PO Box: 338482 

Developing a personalised advertising strategy for your business will obviously need your input. We want to ensure that you are happy with the results and feel excited to see your business progress.  

If you would like to be more involved with the creation of your Facebook ads, we are happy to collaborate with you. However, you also have the option of leaving the entire process to Hoopla’s expert team and letting us do the work for you! 

Working with other platforms is a great way to develop an effective, multi-platform advertising campaign. At Hoopla, we have plenty of experience working with Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Of course! Hoopla’s team are experts in creating marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, through whatever medium available. We can redesign your profile, develop a tailored strategy and share regular, high-quality content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube.  

No, there is no required number of Facebook followers. The way we target users isn’t based on whether your target audience is already familiar with your business. Although, our Facebook ads will attract the attention of users who are already followers of your site, through incentives such as loyalty schemes.   

Facebook advertising costs are different for each company. This is because it is a personalised service that takes the individual requirements of the business into consideration. However, at Hoopla, you’ll get the most back on your investment, as our expert team helps you to optimise everything you spend on marketing.  

When considering what your results will be, it is essential to know what your advertising goals are. Are you hoping for general brand awareness and more likes and shares? Or do you want a more focused strategy that generates leads and sales instantly? 

The results you’ll get will be based on the goals you’ve outlined. That’s the beauty of customised Facebook ads – they’re tailored to your company’s requirements exactly, resulting in much more useful results.  

It’s a mistaken belief that you can generate enough customers through Facebook alone, with no paid social advertising. Using Facebook without having an advertising budget means that only existing followers will see your content and there is a much slower increase, if any, in new customers. 

You are limiting your business massively if you are relying on this type of basic exposure. So, having an advertising budget just makes sense if you want to grow your business quickly and successfully.