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Get more from your advertising investment. Hoopla Marketing is an expert Instagram advertising agency. We design, build, manage and optimise Instagram PPC campaigns to deliver maximise ROI.

Leading Instagram advertising experts on your side

Advertising on Instagram can seem overwhelming if you go it alone. From design, image creation and copy to audiences, targeting and monitoring – where do you even start? Hoopla Marketing can make things easier.

Based in Manchester, we help businesses across the UK and across the globe succeed on Instagram. Our Instagram PPC and marketing experts work as an extension of your team to design, set up, implement, monitor and optimise your Instagram campaigns.

Put simply, we’ll be with you every step of the way with a commitment to get the most out of your marketing investment.

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The lowdown on Instagram ads

Why should you choose Instagram to connect with your audience? It’s simple. The platform has over a billion users, spanning a wide range of ages, interests, education levels and other demographics. Most importantly, they’re all there for engaging photo and video content – Instagram’s unique selling point over other platforms.

That’s paired with a range of features like post boosting, product embedding, audience targeting, budget management and performance tracking that have been rolled out and improved in recent years.

Used in the right way, this provides a massive opportunity for businesses of any size, in any sector. It’s simply a case of creating the right content for your audience, then getting it out there in the best way possible to maximise clicks, conversions and continuous sales.

Benefits of an Instagram marketing agency

From the design, layout and tone of your adverts to the specific demographics you target, there are a long list of variables in your Instagram experiment. If you’re going it alone, it can take tens or hundreds of attempts to get it right – if you do at all.

Those attempts don’t come for free, meaning your marketing budget gets eaten up as you continue to trial-and-error your way through the Instagram world.

The alternative? Contact an Instagram advertising company that’s spent years mastering the art of Instagram PPC marketing. With an Instagram ad agency on your side, you can fast-track your social media success with polished content that delivers great results at the first time of asking.

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Why Hoopla Marketing?

What should you look for in an Instagram PPC agency? For us, it comes down to experience, expertise and the right approach.

At Hoopla Marketing, we’ve been managing Instagram advertising campaigns since the platform was launched in 2010. We work with leading brands from a diverse range of sectors, including retail, construction and online gaming.

Managing over £1 million in social media advertising budgets annually, we know what it takes to turn that investment into results. From market research and creative design to A/B testing and expert analytics, we leave no stone unturned to optimise your campaigns and maximise the return on investment.

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Instagram advertising in 7 steps

Advertising your products or services on Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated or drawn out. At Hoopla, we’ve perfected a seven-step process to guide you through the Instagram marketing process and deliver outstanding results every time.

1. Consultation – We want to know everything about you – from your business goals and brand identity to any existing Instagram ads or social media activity. Our team will audit any existing campaigns to see where you’re at.

2. Market research – Working with your team, we’ll identify specific demographics your brand should be targeting. Then we’ll build a strategy that reaches out to those audiences with your brand at the heart of it.

3. Content Creation – Time to start creating. We’ll design and build Instagram adverts based on your brand, target audience and advertising goals. Every detail is carefully considered, from image creation to polished content for captions. We develop content that we feel will best engage your audience and utilises images, videos and influencer posts creatively.

4. Site Conversion Optimisation – Successful ads drive traffic to your site. We’ll make sure visitors are greeted with the best user experience with simple navigation, a consistent tone and brand image, and enticing call-to-actions. This enables us to improve the cost per conversion from the ads.

5. Monitoring – We’ll use Instagram Insights to track the performance of your ad campaigns as well as analysing activity after users have clicked through to your site – and report back to you on a monthly basis.

6. Optimisation – Why stop there? Our Manchester-based Instagram marketing agency will continue to fine-tune your ads for maximum exposure, conversions and ROI. Monthly reports will keep you in the know about any changes.

7. Customer journey – We’ll go beyond PPC advertising with a wider strategy to cross-sell, build loyalty and build strong, segmented tribes within your audience. Put simply, it turns short-term gains into long-term success.

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Types of Instagram ads

We carefully hand-pick the perfect type of advert for each brand to drive brand awareness and increase your customer base. From Photo and Carousel ads to immersive Instant Experience ads, we offer different types of adverts to ensure that you always reach your target market.

Dynamic Product ads are one of the most valuable additions to Instagram in the past few years. Thanks to them, you can upload your entire product catalogue and rest safe in the knowledge that your Dynamic ads will automatically show up for your target Instagram users.

This engaging format combines different videos or images with product catalogues to create a single alluring ad. Collection ads provide your potential customers with an alluring visual cue that entices them to click on your products.

Not unlike the Collection ads, Carousel layouts include a display of several images and videos that allows users to browse multiple products within a single post. What’s different is that in a Carousel ad, each product is linked to its own tile. Thanks to its swipeable display, this format has proved to be particularly popular with smartphone users.

As its name suggests, a lead ad is designed to generate leads with users without them having to exit Instagram and open their browser. Lead ads can help you learn more about your customers and collect essential user information such as email addresses or place of residence.

Instagram Instant Experience ads combine different types of posts into a single unit, allowing for an immersive full-screen experience that drives user engagement and increases leads.

Instead of an image, Instagram Video ads promote a page on your website by showing a video. The result is that Instagram Video acts provides users with a more interactive experience, making them more likely to buy your products.

Boosting a post on Instagram effectively means paying for amplifying its reach. Like most things social media, it’s a question of timing. With Instagram Boosted posts, we’ll help you find your optimal posting times amplify the exposure of existing Instagram content.

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FAQs about Instagram advertising

With over 500 million active daily users, Instagram users span practically all demographics. Rest assured, we’ll be absolutely clear if we think there’s a better platform for your business, audience and goals.

We can indeed. As well as Instagram marketing, our company assists with Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube – you name it. That allows us to coordinate efforts across different platforms for maximum effect too.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, from furniture and fashion to leisure, construction and gaming – ranging from start ups to international brands. Put simply, we’re an Instagram ad agency for everyone!

Your input is invaluable to shape and direct our expertise and creativity. If you like, we can take care of everything after your consultation. Or we can work collaboratively with your team, every step of the way.

Our social media marketing services cover all bases, including organic content as well as paid, promoted ads. From profile optimisation and branding to content creation and regular posting, we can help you succeed on social media.

Not at all – one of the great things about Instagram ads is that you can target people who don’t follow you. You may well see your following grow as a direct or indirect result of your campaigns too.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it offers a wide range of different content options. From multi-image posts to snappy reels ready to go viral, we’ll carefully choose the perfect kind of content for your brand.

As any good Instagram PPC agency will tell you, there’s no single cost for Instagram advertising. It depends on your specific campaign, target audience and goals. Whatever your budget, we’ll help you maximise the return on investment, so you get more back for any costs you pay.

Results vary depending on your specific goals. As a leading Instagram marketing company, we can help you grow your following, gain brand exposure, drive traffic to your site or generate sales for specific products.

In short, no. Growing on Instagram organically is a long-term project. With a lot of time and effort, you can achieve great things. But nothing compares to the instant results of paid Instagram advertising.