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Get the most out of your online marketing spend with the go-to digital marketing agency right here in Manchester. Hoopla provides a full range of digital marketing services to build brand awareness, engage customers and help you grow.

Delivering growth for Manchester-based brands

Digital marketing services can deliver eye-opening results with the right approach. Whether you want to get your brand out there locally or nationally, increase online traffic or drive footfall to a new site, online marketing can make it happen. We should know – we’ve done it for countless brands in Manchester and beyond.

Our team managed a comprehensive marketing campaign for Restaurant Bar and Grill. Thanks to our holistic approach combining influential content creators, social media, content marketing and paid ads, we achieved a surge in bookings.

We’ve also assisted countless hospitality brands in the local area. Our influencer marketing campaign for Riva Blu saw 60 influencers reaching 2.6 million potential customers with 25,000 engagements.

Another example is our social media marketing campaign for Piccolino drove over 12,000 bookings at a cost of £2.33 a booking.

Check out our case studies for more examples on the various brands that we have worked with. Or pop by – with offices nearby in Spinningfields, we’re only a stone’s throw away for an initial chat.

Our digital marketing services in Manchester:

Social media is a staple for any digital marketing company. It gives you the chance to connect with your target audience through a variety of content. Each platform has its own content niche and demographics, which we can help you exploit. Our team will build a data-driven strategy based on your brand and audience then create and post engaging content.

Benefit from our wealth of knowledge in running successful campaigns across multiple social media platforms.

Achieve outstanding results by implementing effective social media strategies and demonstrating real, measurable outcomes. Social Media Campaigns >

We are known for our ability to create impactful influencer campaigns that deliver actual results. Hoopla Marketing has a specialist influencer marketing branch for local brands – Manchester Pulse. We’ll hand-pick the best influencers for your business, from micro-influencers like local celebrities to household names. Then we’ll manage the entire process, including optimised content and full monitoring.

Our expertise lies in bespoke influencer campaigns that generate conversions, conversations, and online communities. Our winning combination of data, insights, and creativity drives high-performance influencer marketing activations that produce tangible business results.

We offer end-to-end campaign execution and management, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. Influencer Marketing Campaigns>

If you want fast results, it’s hard to beat pay-per-click ads on Google. Forget trial and error – we’ll catapult you to the top of search results with a wealth of experience to maximise ROI and drive customers to your site. Target local customers in Manchester or cast your net further afield.

For your Google Ads campaign to be effective, it needs to be executed correctly. Targeting the right audience and achieving scalable and trackable results requires expert knowledge. That’s where Hoopla Marketing, the leading Google Ads agency, comes in.

You can rely on us to deliver the clicks and customers your business needs, thanks to our expertise in creating targeted and scalable Google Ads campaigns. Google PPC Campaigns >

As an expert online marketing agency, we’re well versed in paid ads on all social media platforms. We’ll create and promote your posts on X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, targeting the right customers with content they’ll love.

Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of our exceptional team of content creators and influencers to produce captivating content that captures attention. We then strategically amplify this content through social media advertising to achieve outstanding business results.

Our track record on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube speaks for itself. With a long list of successful social media advertising campaigns that generate high ROIs for leading brands across the UK, we have the knowledge and experience to make social media work for you. Social Media Ad Campaigns >

Climb the rankings for local searches in Manchester or get to the top for customers across the country. Our SEO experts will fine-tune your site and curate a content strategy that puts you front and centre for relevant search terms and keeps you there for long-term lead generation. SEO Campaigns >

If you’re looking for cost-effective digital marketing, Manchester brands shouldn’t overlook the power of email. With our experienced marketing agency on your side, you’ll know what to send out, how often to send it and how to grow your mailing list. Best of all, we’ll manage the whole thing for you. Email Marketing Campaigns >

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Number 1

Planning & Research

Once we’ve met up and discussed your needs, we’ll start researching your brand – from different sites and competitors to your target audience and current activity. Our digital marketing services start with a detailed strategy, comprising different approaches to meet your goals – all fully researched and clearly explained. In an ever-growing digital landscape, we maximize your chances of success by implementing strategic and informed Digital Marketing Campaigns

Number 2

Strategy Development & Build

Happy to proceed with our digital marketing company? We’ll start creating a well-planned Digital Marketing strategy that achieves outstanding results aligned with your objectives. Our approach includes essential elements such as audience mapping, conversion tracking, optimization triggers, strategic ad placements, and engaging creative content. By deeply understanding your target audience and their preferences, we create highly targeted campaigns that not only attract and educate your ideal customers but also encourage them to take action.

We will set up and manage each channel from Social Media Ads and SEO to Influencer Content and Email Marketing Campaigns.

Number 3

Tracking & Reporting

Everything we do for your Manchester-based brand is monitored, so we can report the impressive results back to you. From website visitors to click-through rates on ads and value from influencer campaigns, you’ll get monthly summaries of what we’re doing and the impact for your brand.

Number 4

Insights & Optimisation

As a leading digital marketing agency, we don’t rest on our laurels. Our team will continually optimise your campaigns by tweaking messaging, audiences and more to improve engagement, conversion rates and rankings. That’s the only way to ensure continued success and maximum returns on your marketing spend.

Attract, Educate, Convert & Retain Customers

Meet the team behind Hoopla Marketing

In 2014, a clear gap in showing results in the digital marketing world led Danny Cleaton and Paul Strong to launch Hoopla. Many agencies in the space prioritised quantity over quality, resulting in subpar outcomes for brands.

Hoopla wanted to help brands dramatically improve their sales and reach their full potential. Rather than just driving vanity metrics such as impressions and reach, we wanted to attract, educate, convert and retain customers. The results speak for themselves!

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