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ITV approached Hoopla for support in utilising influencers to create awareness of its Love Island product range, driving relevant traffic to the website and increasing sales.

Influencer Marketing
E-commerce • Products


  • Effectively reach and engage the brands end consumer through the influencer’s audience

  • Generate awareness, engagement and desire for the Love Island Water Bottles.

  • Enrich the brands content strategy with great influencer content

  • Educate the target audience into a purchase through the trusted voice of influencers

  • Build trust and credibility through authentic recommendations, storytelling and influencer-generated content

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Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Worked with the brand to develop a detailed influencer content brief that will meet the brands requirements

  • Researched, validated and engaged suitable influencers who had a strong creative presence, resonated with the brands target audience, carried true authority in the brands niche and met the brands requirements. At this stage we engaged influencers who had a true passion for the brand as this would ensure authentic storytelling.

  • Once all influencers were approved by the brand, we then started the full campaign briefing process which included providing influencers with detailed creative briefs and any relevant contracts to help with their content development.

  • Influencers were provided with unique affiliate links and trackable codes allowing us to track and monitor all activity.

  • We managed the roll out of the campaign across the influencer network including distributing product samples and personalised information for the influencers.

Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Influencer management and content monitoring.

  • We then amplified the best performing influencer-created content to key target audiences through the use of data driven social media campaigns to achieve a greater reach, traffic and sales.

  • We collected all of the influencer content posted and provide this to the brand in a report so the brand could engage with the live content.

  • Reporting on all available metrics such as Reach, engagement, website traffic, sales and revenue. This allowed us to track the performance of each influencer and reward the best performing influencers.

  • We provided a detailed monthly report, displaying all the content that has been produced over the campaign period.

  • Monthly optimisation of the influencer network.

Recent Results

Media value
Reach & 733.6K engagements
Influencers producing 60 pieces of content

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