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Score impressive results from your marketing budget. Hoopla’s TikTok marketing team will design, develop and implement inspiring TikTok PPC campaigns to draw in brand new customers and maximise sales.

Skyrocket your campaigns with a TikTok ad agency

TikTok advertising can be a minefield without expert support to guide you along the way. That’s where we come in.

Based in Manchester, with vast experience creating TikTok ads in the UK and across the globe, our TikTok PPC and marketing team is on hand to help you create attention-grabbing campaigns. You’ll have tailored support right from the start – from the design and set-up stages, right through to implementation and monitoring. That includes full optimisation support too, so you know your TikTok campaigns are performing at their absolute best.

TikTok advertising: What the data shows

There are so many reasons why businesses are flocking to TikTok – and the data backs them up. Although TikTok only entered the social media sphere in 2016, it’s quickly risen to be a content powerhouse.

In the period between January 2018 and July 2020, the app saw its userbase skyrocket by a whopping 1157.76%. What’s more, it currently has around 1.2 billion active monthly users – that’s about 20% of the internet-using population!

TikTok has lots of incredible features and unique advertising opportunities to offer, including diverse in-feed and top-view adverts, influencer marketing and the opportunity to reach wide audiences. TikTok isn’t just for Gen-Z either, with 59% of users from older generations.

Benefits of a TikTok marketing agency

Attempting to create a successful marketing campaign on TikTok can be challenging to say the least, even for established companies. From choosing the right target demographic to selecting the best format, developing an eye-catching video or even choosing a trending song to accompany it, there are countless hurdles your PPC advertisement will need to overcome.

And for every failed TikTok advertising campaign, more money is flushed down the drain. That’s where a TikTok advertising agency can make a huge difference.

With years of expertise under their belt, a TikTok marketing company has the know-how to create a show-stopping campaign right from the start. From brand takeover ads to spark ads, you’ll maximise your brand’s potential with a TikTok ad agency.

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Why Hoopla Marketing?

Choosing the right TikTok advertising agency is important for your company. Rather than risking your marketing budget with a newbie, it’s better to entrust your TikTok campaign with an expert team you can rely on. With experience managing over £1 million in marketing budgets each year, Hoopla has vast experience in running high-quality campaigns for leading brands across the UK and abroad.

From market research to A/B testing, our team uses a wide variety of industry-leading techniques to ensure your campaigns are optimised for maximum consumer engagement and ROI.

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Our TikTok advertising process

At Hoopla, we follow a tried-and-tested approach to advertising, which streamlines the process and makes sure no stone is left unturned. Here are the seven steps…

1. Consultation – As a TikTok advertising agency, listening to our clients is always the first step. We want to know all your goals for your TikTok advertising campaigns, as well as your branding ideas and long-term company plans. We’ll also use this step to audit your current TikTok ads and strategies.

2. Market research – We’ll then work with your team to identify the key demographics that will fall in love your brand – and work out an on-brand strategy to reach out to them.

3. TikTok Ad Creation – Next, we get creative. At this stage, we design and create TikTok advertisements tailored to your business – from your target demographic to long-term business goals. From creating video content to crafting the perfect captions, all the content we create is with your audience in mind.

4. Conversion Optimisation – TikTok ads are ultimately about converting viewers into customers. That’s why you need an inspiring website that makes it easy for customers to navigate (and buy!) from the moment they click through.

5. Monitoring – At this stage, we’ll keep track of your campaigns using TikTok Pixel to measure their performance, follow conversions and gain information for optimisation – and future campaigns too! We’ll report this to you on a month-to-month basis.

6. Optimisation – And our work doesn’t stop there. Our TikTok advertising agency will continue to analyse and report on your campaigns on a monthly basis – and they’ll be tweaking your ads to reach wider audiences, bring in new customers and, ultimately, get a greater return on your investment.

7. Customer journey – We don’t just do ad creation. As your TikTok marketing company, we’ll create a long-term strategy to build customer loyalty, cross-sell your products and develop tribe marketing, transforming your short-term gains into long-term wins.

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Types of TikTok ads

Every marketing campaign needs a different kind of TikTok ad. At Zoopla, we’ll figure it out for you. From branded hashtag adds to spark ads, we’ve got a wide array of TikTok ad services to boost your ROI to unimaginable heights.

This kind of personalised TikTok ad will bring you closer to your target audience and increase your engagement rates. By connecting your TikTok Pixel to your Catalog, we’ll create dynamic ads based on your target user’s interaction with your brand.

Collection ads are a kind of in-feed video ad that takes TikTok users to an Instant Gallery Page. In this Gallery Page, your target audience can browse and buy your products – and all without leaving the app.

Tell your brand story with a Carousel TikTok add. With this type of TikTok ad, we’ll use each frame of a carousel to reinforce your brand values using captions and images. We can also use carousel TikTok ads as a virtual catalogue for your products.

It’s action time! Branded hashtag TikTok ads put the user in the spotlight by inviting them to participate in a trend created through a branded hashtag. Branded hashtag ads are a highly effective way to boost brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Spark ads are a native TikTok ad format that allows brands to create ads from organic TikToks. It amplifies existing videos by fitting them with your campaign objectives, appearing in-feed without interrupting the user’s scrolling.

We can create short and simple videos of nine to fifteen seconds to promote your products and share your inspiring story. All our TikTok ads are uploaded as high-resolution videos with localised copy.

Boosting a TikTok video means using your ad budget to increase your post’s reach. Our boosted TikTok ads will make your content seen by a larger audience – including people who don’t follow you.

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With 1.2 billion active monthly users, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the world. Whilst it’s particularly popular with Gen-Z, over 59% of users are aged 25 and over – so TikTok provides ample opportunity to connect with most demographics in a unique and authentic way.

The answer is a big ‘yes’! As well as being a TikTok marketing agency, we also have vast experience with campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Want to create a coordinated campaign across multiple platforms? We’re on hand to help with that too!

Put simply, we work with companies of all sizes across all industries. From big, global brands to local start-ups, our clients span right across the food industry to gaming, leisure and furniture design. We’re a TikTok ad agency for everyone!

Ultimately, we’re here to make TikTok marketing work for you, and our campaigns will always be shaped to your goals and needs. If needed, we can take care of the entire process, following our initial consultation. We’d also be happy to work in collaboration with your team from start to finish.

Absolutely – we offer full social media marketing services to create organic content alongside promoted ads. From strategy creation and branding to crafting and uploading content, we can create show-stopping campaigns to build and develop your customer base from Instagram to YouTube.

TikTok ads can be used to directly target consumers who aren’t following you – so there’s no need for a big following. You can even use your ad campaigns to build your follower count, if it needs a boost.

TikTok advertising costs vary depending on the target demographic, campaign and business goals. However, as a TikTok PPC agency, we’re here to ensure that any costs you pay come back multiplied – with maximum return on investment.

Ultimately, this will vary on your campaign goals. For example, as a TikTok marketing agency, we can tailor your ads to grow your following – or generate leads and sales for a specific product line to bring an instant return on investment.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely. Developing a TikTok following without ads means you’ll need to organically build a strong following. This takes time and a lot of trial and error – and you might not be successful even then.

Paid marketing on TikTok provides instant sales and new leads – as well as bringing new followers to your brand.