Social Media Campaigns

At Hoopla Marketing, we build and manage high-performing social media campaigns that deliver tangible results. As a leading social media marketing agency in Manchester, UK, we bring unique insight, unrivalled experience and proven results.

Reach millions of potential customers on the social platform they use the most.

Our approach at Hoopla involves using our awesome content creators and influencers to produce attention-grabbing social media content, which we then amplify via paid social ads to achieve outstanding results.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating and running effective social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We manage over £1 million a year worth of social media advertising spend for our clients each year and we achieve fantastic results for the brands that we work with. We do this by developing and implementing effective social media strategies that we can show real results on.

The benefits of using social media campaigns:

Create awareness and desire among your target audience’s, encouraging them to act.

Effectively target your ideal customer and educate them into a purchase

Use Artificial Intelligence to find more and more customers who are likely to perform a key action such as make an online purchase or enquiry

Deliver super personalised social media content to educate users who have displayed an interest in a particular product/service. We get the perfect message to the perfect customer, at the perfect time to educate them into a purchase.

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Number 1

Planning & Research

We listen to your requirements, audit your current activity and build a high-value social media marketing strategy that will resonate with your target audience and meet your objectives. Here we look to plan the campaign by focussing on audience mapping, placements and creative content to attract and educate your ideal customer into performing an action. We also ensure that all the necessary tracking in place to successfully monitor and track the campaigns success.

Number 2

Creative Content

Creative content is developed that resonates and engages your audience such artwork, blogs, photography, animations, and video. This covers all aspects of production such as artwork, design, copywriting and optimisation.

Number 3

Testing & Optimisation

To ensure your social media ad campaigns are optimised on an ongoing basis, we test a range of target audiences, content and placements to get the best cost per conversion and overall ROI. We utilise the power of artificial intelligence, tracking software and great content to deliver targeted messages based on the customers actions. We also look to undertake website conversion rate optimisation to improve the success of the social media campaigns

Number 4

Insights & Reporting

To improve the success of your social media campaigns, we monitor the performance of your social media campaigns, along with website conversion rates and provide all of our findings in a monthly report.

FAQs From Our Clients

From effective research, planning and campaign roll out, you usually see results straight away. Our aim is to then to keep carrying out testing and optimisation to keep improving the cost per action.

We always recommending testing multiple audiences so that we can see which audience performs the best. During out planning stage we recommend a series of audiences that we suggest to target which takes into account various pieces of insights and data.

You can run as many campaigns as you would like at once. We usually have a series of campaigns running which covers a range of objectives, product groups, services and target audiences.

Our years of experience running social media campaigns has allowed us to test and learn what works effectively. Our list of case studies speak for themselves and we always look to achieve a great ROAS for the brands that we work with.