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Hoopla Marketing is an industry-leading email marketing agency in Manchester, UK. We design and deploy email marketing campaigns that drive sales, loyalty and share of wallet.

Turn your customers into fans, increase share of wallet and customer lifetime value

Email marketing is still an essential part of a brands marketing toolkit as its hugely effective at driving sales, building brand loyalty and developing trust with it bringing in £44 for every £1 spent. Not only does it drive sales from new and existing customers, it’s a great way to reinforce your brand, built trust, turn your customers into a tribe of marketeers and increase share of wallet.

A successful email marketing campaign however is nothing without a well-designed email marketing strategy behind it.

The benefits of using Email marketing:

According to the DMA, the average return on investment for email is £35 for every £1 spent.

With email marketing, you can deliver specific messages to an already engaged audience at a very low cost.

Deliver highly targeted messages to your customers to increase the overall lifetime value.

Educate customers who have displayed an interest into a purchase, and also turn your customers into a tribe of  marketeers to share reviews on social media. Up and cross-sell other products to increase loyalty, repeat purchase and customer lifetime value.

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