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Hoopla Marketing is a cutting-edge PR agency with unparalleled reach. Based in Manchester, UK, we combine public relations know-how with social media and digital marketing to create an unbeatable marketing mix.

Our award-winning PR team deliver the best results for a brand’s success and longevity in a saturated market.

Our team have handled the strategic growth and communications for the UK’s most renowned brand and lifestyle names which makes our offering unbeatable in terms of results.

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The benefits of using PR:

Studies indicate that PR gives more visibility and credibility among the consumer market than advertising which is perceived as more promotional.

PR allows a much easier approach to retaining and attracting a target market. A well-written article on your product/service offerings in the magazine can be much more attractive and impact compared to an advertisement in that same magazine.

PR can provide a unique touch point and add value to your product offering that can help differentiate you among your competitors and put you at the forefront of your particular industry.

When done right, PR can create a more positive brand image in the mind of your consumers that provides an alley way to better engagement for your company.

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