Facebook Ads Agency in Saudi Arabia

Hoopla Marketing are specialists in Facebook marketing, ensuring that brands in Saudi Arabia reach just the right audiences locally and worldwide. With Hoopla Marketing’s expertise, you’ll know that your ads are professionally crafted and targeted toward your customers to achieve your marketing goals.

An expert agency for Facebook ads

Hoopla Marketing is a leading advertising agency with a special focus on Facebook ads. From our office in Dubai, we’re here to support brands in Saudi Arabia with expertly crafted and targeted marketing.

With Hoopla’s professional expertise, you’ll get advertising campaigns with high-quality tailored content that’s exactly targeted to the customers you want – and we’ll keep optimising your ads to get the very most from your budget.

What does Hoopla bring to the table as a Facebook ad agency? Our experience and knowledge about every step of the advertising process, from designing your PPC Facebook ads to continual optimisation. No matter what audience you’re aiming for – local or global – we know how to reach them with high-quality ad content.

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Why advertise on Facebook?

There’s a reason why businesses these days devote so much attention to paid social media marketing. Social media sites and apps are always just a touch away, and customers want to check back often to see what’s new. Every time they do, that’s another chance for your ads to reach them.

Why focus on Facebook? For one, it offers an astonishingly large wealth of active users from a broad range of demographics. And even better, Facebook boosts your advertising power via user data that helps you know your audience and how to reach them.

With this data, you can target your ads precisely, no matter whether you’re targeting an influential user or re-targeting other groups. It all adds up to what you want: traffic, clicks, and conversions that make your advertising investment more than worth it.

Why go for an agency with expertise in Facebook advertising?

The same precise tools that make Facebook advertising so effective can also make it extremely complex – just like any sophisticated tool that can do great things in a professional’s hands but would be confusing in the hands of a non-expert.

That means trying to handle Facebook ads on your own can be risky, resulting in a lack of results for all the effort and budget spent.

However, with leaders in Facebook advertising at your side, that’s no longer a concern.

Hoopla Marketing works with your company to understand your needs, craft ads that shine for your target audience, and ultimately turn your marketing budget into the results you want. The power of professionally shaped and targeted ads means you’ll get the most out of your advertising spend.

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Partner with Hoopla in Saudi Arabia

At Hoopla, we have experience with top brands – including companies like Amazon, Aldi, JCB and ITV. And we manage more than £500k in advertising budgets each year. Why do so many businesses trust us with their marketing? Because we get them the ROI they need.

We use every approach we can to ensure you get the absolute best possible ad performance. A/B testing, market research, analytics – it all adds up to the traffic and clicks you want. And we don’t stop refining your ads, either. We keep on optimising them to reach higher and higher.

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What it’s like to advertise on Facebook with Hoopla

We know that every detail matters. Our effective Facebook advertising process works at each step to understand your needs and craft a product that meets your objectives.

1. Consultation – The first stage is talking with you to understand your goals and expectations for Facebook advertising. And we’ll take a look at any Facebook ads you currently have too.

2. Market Research – We’ll work with you and your team to pinpoint the demographics you’re aiming to reach – whether they’re in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere – and make a public relations plan.

3. Content Creation – The next step is to shape just the right ads for your brand, based on our knowledge of your target audience and your goals. We’ll use images, videos and influencer marketing as needed.

4. Site Optimisation – We’ll make sure that your site is at its best, too, so that visitors who’ve clicked on your Facebook ads will stay and you’ll get the conversions you want.

5. Monitoring – Here’s where the Facebook pixel comes in. With its help, we’ll gather data, check ad performance, monitor conversions and make remarketing possible.

6. Optimisation – Each month, we’ll use the info we’ve gathered to report on your ads’ performance. If any tweaks are needed to ensure the best possible return on investment, we’ll make them.

7. Customer Journey – It doesn’t end with ads. We want to make sure your Facebook ad spend goes as far as possible, and that means strengthening your relationship with your customers through cross-selling and tribe marketing.


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Different Facebook ad options

Just one of the tools at our disposal when it comes to Facebook ads is choosing the ad type. Which type of ad fits your needs just right? There’s a host of options…

The Facebook pixel works its magic here. Once it’s installed on your website, it automatically targets users who’ve searched for something like your products. These automatically targeted ads are called Dynamic Product ads.

We live in a visual world, and Collection ads take advantage of that. They use beautiful, crisp images to draw your users’ eye, resulting in clicks. If you’re looking to advertise a set of products, Collection ads are a great choice.

With the Carousel layout, you can show numerous images in different tiles that a user can swipe through. Since each image occupies its own tile and has its own identifying information and a separate link, users can click on the product of their choice easily.

If a user is busy chatting or doing something else on Facebook, they might not want to be interrupted to visit your site. The Lead layout avoids this problem by letting users add their personal info to signup or subscription forms without leaving Facebook at all.

A Canvas layout goes full screen after users click on your ad. It’s great for mobile users because it’s larger, easier to see on a mobile device, and lets them scroll and swipe through your site as well as reading or viewing images.

What draws the eye more than a video? With a Video ad, you can highlight a specific webpage and give more detailed information beyond what a still image can provide.

Of course, you’ll want to reach Facebook users beyond the audience you already have. You can Boost your posts to make sure a specific user group sees a targeted ad – which, of course, has a link to take them to your site.

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FAQs about Facebook advertising

Yes! Facebook is still the number one most used social media site worldwide. In fact, around 2 billion people use Facebook daily. There’s no better opportunity to reach a particular group or a specifically targeted audience with a paid social ad.

No, Hoopla Marketing is here to help any and every sector that needs skilful social media marketing – and we’ve worked with a wide range of industries in the past. Construction, fashion, engineering, hospitality – wherever your company’s passion lies, we can support it with highly effective and tailored social media advertising.

We are located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE.

Mail Address: Unit 3706, Platinum Tower JLT-PH1-12, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE

Dedicated Phone Number: + 971 4 413 5076

Linkus Extension: 1176

PO Box: 338482

You can choose how much you’d like to be involved. Of course, we need to discuss your objectives when we begin crafting your advertising strategy, and we’ll want to check in with you to ensure you’re satisfied with our product.

However, if you’d like to let us handle everything else, we’re glad to take that weight off your shoulders and let you get on with other business! On the other hand, if you’d like to take part more in our creative process, you’re also very welcome to work more closely with us along the way.

Yes – and a multi-platform marketing campaign can be a great choice. We’re professionals in advertising on other sites including YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

We can do this too! It’s all part of using every tool at our disposal to boost your online presence and draw in customers. We can help with strategy and streamlining the appearance of your profile, as well as creating engaging content for your brand’s YouTube, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook page.

That’s no problem. With Facebook user targeting, we don’t need our audience to know your brand already. That being said, if users already know your business, we can draw their notice with techniques like loyalty schemes.

Just as every ad and business is different, every Facebook ad campaign has a different cost. We’ll always tailor our work with you to your specific needs, so the price will be customised to your specifications. Ultimately, we’re committed to getting you the maximum ROI by putting every bit of your marketing budget to good use.

Our clients may have widely varying objectives, so the end results of their campaigns will vary too. Everything we do is personalised to your brand’s exact requirements.

What’s key is to identify clear goals at the start, and then we can pinpoint how to get you there via completely personalised, exactly targeted Facebook ads. If you’d like to boost brand awareness, we’ll focus on getting you shares and likes. If your goal is increasing sales, we’ll set our sights on leads and conversions.

Using Facebook without advertisements restricts your audience to people who are already following you – in other words, people you’ve already won over. There’s little opportunity to increase your audience and, therefore, your business.

What’s more, posting on Facebook without drawing on the power of its precise ad targeting tools is leaving a huge asset at the wayside. All that user data is there, so why not take advantage of it?