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Take your home and interior brand to the next level with Hoopla Marketing. From home décor and furnishings to interior design and renovation, our proven strategies have helped countless brands grow and flourish across the UK and Dubai.

Transforming spaces into stories...

Marketing within the home and interiors industry goes beyond simply showcasing products and services. It’s about connecting with people and helping them re-imagine their homes, whether it’s through high quality furniture, bespoke interior design services or conservatory installations.

The real challenge is not just in presenting these offerings, but in ensuring they captivate the right audience. Effective digital marketing is essential for boosting visibility and fostering growth in this sector. With a strategic blend of marketing approaches, the impact can be as transformative as the products and services you provide.

Enter Hoopla Marketing, your experienced partner in the home and interiors sector. We excel in identifying the most impactful methods and platforms to connect with your ideal customers. Our team creates consistent, brand-aligned content that not only increases engagement but also strengthens overall brand perception. We continuously refine our strategies to secure the best outcomes possible.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for the Home & Interiors Industry:

We’ve done our homework! 62.3% of the world’s population uses social media, with an average daily usage of 2 hours and 23 minutes! The question is – are people seeing and engaging with your brand during this timeframe?

Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube, we open doors to connect with potential clients. Each platform serves different demographics and content preferences, from TikTok’s captivating short videos to Facebook’s broad content spectrum. We pinpoint the ideal platforms for your home and interiors brand and devise a targeted content strategy to effectively engage your audience. Social Media Ad Campaigns >

Influencers are pivotal in providing social proof and extending your brand’s reach within the home and interiors market. From renowned global figures to local influencers and niche home decor bloggers, we select the perfect personalities to highlight your brand’s unique value, ensuring their content has the greatest possible impact. Influencer Marketing Campaigns >

Google ads can dramatically enhance your brand’s online presence. Search ads can lift brand awareness by up to 80%, offering immediate visibility. Launching campaigns swiftly can lead to quick wins. Take a look at this campaign and see how we get a 20 x return on ad spend for Baa Stool.

Navigating Google Ads requires expertise, especially within the home and interiors sector. Hoopla’s expertise and proven strategies ensure a high ROI, converting online searches into customers. Google PPC Campaigns >

Social media ads are an effective way to showcase your home and interiors brand to a broad audience. We create engaging ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube, targeting the right demographic with captivating content. Social Media Ad Campaigns >

For sustainable, organic visibility and customer acquisition, SEO is key. We optimise your website to ensure your home and interiors brand ranks higher in Google searches, making you the go-to choice for potential clients seeking home improvement and design services. As a leading digital marketing agency, we position your brand prominently in search results.

Want to see an example? Take a look at how this SEO campaign created an 286% increase in engaged session for a furniture brand. SEO Campaigns >

Email marketing is a direct line to your audience. In fact, 99% of email users check their inbox daily, often up to 20 times.

Whether announcing new collections, design tips or exclusive offers, we craft email campaigns that resonate with your audience and underscore your brand’s unique appeal. Email Marketing Campaigns >

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Number 1

Planning & Research

Our journey begins with a deep dive into the core of your home and interiors brand, understanding the products and services you offer and the audience you aim to attract. Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your existing marketing initiatives to craft a bespoke digital marketing strategy. This strategy integrates a variety of marketing techniques designed to address both immediate needs and long-term goals, all based on comprehensive research.

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Creative Content

In the realm of home and interiors marketing, content is king. This encompasses everything from stunning photographs of your products, immersive videos that showcase the beauty and functionality of your offerings, to engaging copy that draws in your audience. We also collaborate with influencers to ensure they have compelling material to share and produce optimised copy to boost your website’s SEO. Our experienced team oversees all facets of content generation, design and optimisation.

Number 3

Testing & Optimisation

At Hoopla Marketing, we are dedicated to producing measurable outcomes from your marketing efforts. From the outset, we closely monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns, social media presence and website traffic, providing you with comprehensive monthly reports. These reports detail our strategies, their performance and the direct benefits to your brand, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Number 4

Insights & Optimisation

As a specialised digital marketing agency for the home and interiors sector, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We continuously experiment with different target audiences, messaging and marketing strategies to enhance user engagement, conversion rates and SEO rankings. Our goal is to ensure that your brand remains a leading choice for consumers in the home and interiors market.