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Silent View Windows approached Hoopla for support in driving brand awareness, traffic to their website and enquiries for their window, door, conservatory and orangery installations.

Social Media Campaigns
Interiors • Home improvement


  • Drive mass brand awareness of Silent View Windows across the key target audience
  • Create awareness and interest among Silent View Windows target audience’s, encouraging them to visit the website to browse and place an enquiry.
  • Drive the key target audience that is actively searching for the key products and services to the website and social channels to place an enquiry
  • Educate people who have displayed an interest through their actions into placing an enquiry through effective and personalised social media content
  • Capture email data for future e-mail marketing and education
  • Turn customers into a tribe of marketeers to share reviews on social media
  • Up and cross-sell other products to increase loyalty, repeat purchase and customer lifetime value.
Composite Doors

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  • Campaign strategy development to meet the brands objectives and goals
  • Social Media awareness campaigns to key target audiences to drive awareness, traffic to website and enquiries
  • Promoted the brand, products and unique value proposition in a short, exciting and engaging way to prompt the target audience to explore the brands website and social media channels to then place an enquiry.
  • Set up, build, manage, test and optimise ongoing social media attraction and education (retargeting) campaigns across all key social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and the audience network.
  • Created, managed and tested a range of target audiences, content, placements and campaigns to get the best cost per conversion and overall ROI
  • Social Media Ad Creation, testing and optimisation including copywriting and creative design
  • Audience mapping, testing and optimisation
  • Conversion and trigger tracking put in place
  • Analysed the website and suggested improvements to help improve customer conversions.
  • Utilised artificial intelligence to develop appetite among the target audience and converted people who displayed an interest in the brand, products and services by effectively educating them through engaging, personalised and targeted content based on the customers actions. This included creative design, copywriting and optimisation.
  • Management, optimisation and reporting

Recent Results

2,000 leads generated
£18 per qualified enquiry over the course of the campaign

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