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Add invaluable Facebook marketing expertise to your PPC campaigns. Our expert team design and manage Facebook ads to turn your budget into outstanding results.

Hoopla Marketing is a specialist Facebook advertising agency based in Manchester, with worldwide expertise. Our team of PPC experts helps businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed online with high-quality targeted ads. From local brands to global enterprises, we create targeted campaigns that reach millions and deliver measurable success.


That’s exactly what we can do for your business. Our team supports ambitious brands at every step of their Facebook advertising journey, from design, set-up and implementation to monitoring and constant optimisation. We won’t rest until your brand is making the most of Facebook’s powerful advertising platform.

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The power of Facebook ads

Paid social is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for modern-day businesses. People all over the world use social media on a daily or even hourly basis. With mobile apps, they can even use the platform on the go – meaning you can constantly connect with your audience, wherever they may be.

Why Facebook? To start, it’s the number one social network in terms of active users. That means the widest possible audience for your business. Facebook’s users span all kinds of different demographics with different ages, education levels and interests. Best of all, the platform collects data for these factors.

That’s what sets Facebook ads apart. Rather than shouting to the masses – and spending money to do so – your social advertising can be targeted at specific groups. Used effectively, that can result in more click throughs, better conversion rates and a higher return on investment.

Benefits of an expert Facebook ad agency

With so many metrics to tweak and adjust, it’s almost impossible for businesses to get their Facebook ads right at the first attempt. Or even the tenth time. That applies not only to the demographics your ad is targeting, but also the content within the ad.

It can take months and even years of constant trial and error to find a formula that works for you. That’s months and years of spending money with little to no return. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Hoopla’s team of Facebook advertising experts, you can add years of experience and leading expertise to your business – and your campaigns. That allows you to leapfrog the trial-and-error stage and go directly to effective adverts that make the most of your budget.

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Why Hoopla?

If you’re searching for a digital marketing company, you want an agency that’s ‘been there and done that’ – and delivered outstanding results. That’s exactly what you get with Hoopla. We manage over £200k of social media advertising spend each year, with renowned brands such as Aldi, JCB and Ladbrokes.

Our team uses a vast array of techniques to make sure every advert performs to its best. Market research, A/B testing and state-of-the-art analytics help us fine-tune adverts to maximise return on investment.

Types of Facebook ads

From Link Click ads to Lead, Video and Carousel ads, we tailor each campaign and the types of adverts we use for maximum impact. In short, we get the most out of any Facebook ad type. It’s simply a case of choosing which is best for your brand…

Link Click.png

Link Click

The most common ad type on Facebook. They comprise a short caption and preview image with a link to your website. They’re useful if you want to attract traffic to a specific landing page.



Unlike other ad types, Dynamic Product ads target users for you. By uploading your product catalogue and installing Facebook Pixel on your site, you enable Facebook to automatically target specific product ads at users who have browsed them on your website.



As the name suggests, Collection ads display a collection of products from your site with several images. This could be a specific product range or just related items such as “shop the look”.



Similar to Collection ads, the Carousel layout allows you to show multiple products in one advert. However, each product is given its own tile with an image or video and a link to the product page. Users simply swipe through and see what takes their fancy.



The Lead ad format is tailored for generating leads. It allows potential customers to subscribe or sign up without leaving Facebook. That removes a step from the process, as users don’t need to click through to your site, making leads more likely.



Facebook Canvas ads allow users to interact with your content. Clicking on the ad turns it into full screen, where they can swipe, scroll and even tilt to interact with engaging videos, images and text.



Similar to Link Clicks, Facebook Video ads promote a page on your website. The difference? They show a video instead of an image, which can be useful to get more information across or engage users.

Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts

You can also advertise specific posts on your Facebook page. This approach is effective to get more likes and shares on your post, and gain followers. In most cases, the boosted post will also contain a link to your site to attract more traffic.

Our Facebook advertising process

At Hoopla, we have a tried-and-tested process in place to make sure your Facebook advertising campaigns are implemented quickly and effectively with no compromise on the end result. We make every click count.



First and foremost, we talk to our clients to make sure we understand your business goals, both from your Facebook ads and in the long run. We’ll also audit any existing Facebook ads or other strategies you have in place.

Market research

Market research

We’ll work with your team to identify key demographics that your brand appeals to and create a strategy that gets your name out there.



Our team will design and implement Facebook ads that are tailored to your business, your objectives and your target audience, from the images and content to the target demographics.

Content creation

Content creation

We’ll also make sure your site is tailored to convert customers, developing content that your audience will love when they click through.



Your ads will be monitored using Facebook pixel, to track conversions, facilitate remarketing and build a wealth of knowledge for future campaigns.



There’s always room for improvement. We’ll report on the success of your ads on a monthly basis and make changes wherever possible to maximise ROI.


Customer journey

We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy for cross-selling, loyalty building and tribe marketing to make sure your brand gets the very most out of your Facebook marketing campaign.

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FAQs about Facebook advertising

Is Facebook the right platform for my business?

Used correctly, Facebook ads can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. The platform attracts users from almost every demographic. Whatever your target audience, you’ll find them on Facebook in vast numbers. In short, if you’re into impressive results and a healthy ROI, Facebook is the platform for you. We also work with Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Which sectors do you work in?

At Hoopla Marketing, we work with ambitious brands from any industry imaginable – from fashion and furniture to construction and leisure. Whatever your speciality, our team specialises in creating high-performing Facebook ads, tailored to the needs of your business.

What size companies do you work with?

Our team can help any business, from local start-ups to international brands. All that matters is that your company wants to increase its exposure and generate leads and sales through targeted Facebook ads.

Can we be involved?

Our Facebook advertising services are completely flexible. If required, we can take the reins completely for your company. Alternatively, we’re happy to collaborate with your team throughout the process. With Hoopla, it’s up to you.

Can you work with other platforms?

Of course! Our Facebook ad agency has extensive digital marketing expertise with other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram ads. If required, we can design and deploy a multi-platform advertising campaign to promote your brand consistently across several sites.

Can you manage social media beyond ads?

Yes! Hoopla Marketing offers full-service social media marketing. Our team can develop a strategy, optimise profiles and share engaging content that’s tailored to your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Does my business need a large Facebook following?

There’s no pre-requisite number of followers for Facebook ads. Adverts can be targeted based on several criteria, regardless of whether or not users already follow you. However, ads can also be targeted at existing followers for remarketing or loyalty schemes.

How much will Facebook advertising cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all cost when it comes to Facebook marketing. Every business, target audience and campaign is different. What’s more important is the potential returns on that cost. At Hoopla, we can help your company get the most back for every penny you spend.

What results can I expect?

The results of your ad campaigns depend on your advertising goals. For example, we can tailor campaigns to get more likes and shares for brand exposure, more followers for long-term marketing or more leads and sales for an instant return.

What exposure will I get without an advertising budget?

Using Facebook without a budget relies on a healthy following of potential customers. Your posts will only be seen by people who follow you – and even then, only a small percentage of followers will see your posts due to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm.