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Why Your Social Media Efforts May Be Failing

Social Media Marketing Rocks!!!!! Its best way to reach out and engage your target audience and measure it effectively.

However one of the biggest gripes that I hear is that people are investing lots of time in social media and not seeing any ROI. If you aren’t getting the social media results you are looking for then its definitely time to review your efforts as you should be seeing excellent ROI.

When carrying out your social media marketing strategy are you doing the following:

1) Developing an in-depth content calendar encompassing a range of different media, ensuring that you are developing content that either entertains, inspires or educates.

2) Amplifying your content via paid, earned and owned media …..social cant be seen as a “FREE” channel anymore

3) Focusing on growing your community

4) Implementing pixels for tracking, remarketing and reporting

5) Building up your customer data through social media?

6) Not stopping your social media marketing efforts at the purchase stage as you can turn customers into advocates of your brand

7) Fueling user-generated content?

8) Using social media to up-sell and cross-sell products and services to current customers?

9) Engaging with not only customers, but prospects and though leaders?

10) Ensuring that you don’t see social media as a separate channel away from your marketing mix. Social media marketing encompasses digital marketing, PR, influencer marketing, content etc. … and should be integrated with other marketing channels to amplify efforts. For example an effective PPC campaign can be linked to a Facebook remarketing campaign to convert possible customers.

It would be interesting to hear what issues people are facing with their social media marketing efforts. Are you seeing return on your investment or nothing at all? Email danny.cleaton@hoopla-marketing.com.

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