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The Power of the Facebook Pixel

Do you use pixels in your social media marketing? If not then you are missing out on a huge amount of potential for measuring, refining and effectively targeting potential customers.

The pixel isn’t as complicated as perhaps it may sound. It’s basically just a snippet of code that you can copy from your Facebook Ads Manager and paste into the HTML of your website. Every time someone then visits a certain page from a Facebook ad, the pixel will track and report this visit. This information can then be stored in Facebook for various uses.

Having a pixel on your website will also allow you to capture information of people who have visited certain pages of your website. Capturing this information will allow you to effectively do a range of things such as remarket to warm prospects, create lookalike audiences of customers, measure conversions, see where users are dropping off etc.

The ability to remarket to website visitors via Facebook is one of the most valuable uses of the pixel. People hardly ever purchase straight away so the pixel allows you to capture these users information who have shown an interest so that you can further educate them over time to convert. Ever looked at something on ASOS then see it follow you later around social media? This is how its done.

You can then go a step further with the pixel and use it to track conversions. By adapting the code and putting it on a certain pages of the website along the customer journey you can track a range of things such as how much you need to spend on marketing to convert a customer.

Pixels are probably one of the most important elements of a social media plan so you need to ensure you have them properly set up.

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