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Could Pokemon Go Be Your Next Marketing Channel?


Pokémon Go is huge right now! It shot to the top of the App Directory within a few hours and is currently making over $1.6 million every day. We know this may sound silly but statistics are showing that Pokémon Go (the overnight phenomenon) currently has more active users than Twitter, Spotify and Netflix! So how about you stop what you’re doing and start thinking of ways you could be promoting your business through this new gaming App.

In the week of its release, over 15 million tweets were posted about it, making it the most talked about topic and it soon became trending worldwide, even ‘Euro 2016’ and ‘Brexit’ didn’t achieve this many. This is a great way to get involved with the discussion and engage with other players.

On average people are spending 43 minutes on the app per session, much higher than Instagram and Snapchat! Not only is it a long time to spend on one app, the users are also walking around looking for Pokémon making it a great tool for shops, restaurants and bars to attract customers.

So how you can use Pokémon Go to market your business?

#1 Lure Modules

A good method of marketing using Pokémon Go is through businesses setting off lure modules. “What is a Lure module?” we hear you ask, this is a tool used to attract the virtual Pokémon characters to a certain location. Below is an image of the effect that multiple lure modules can have on a particular location. Setting a Lure Module at your business location could attract possible customers and restaurants, bars, shops etc are using this tool as a way of bringing in high value foot traffic.

#2 Pick a team to support

Another method is by choosing a team for your business to join. In Pokémon Go there are 3 teams; Mystic, instinct and Valor. Simply offering discounts, prizes, coupons etc to a team could make people prefer you over your competitors. The most popular team on social media is Mystic so it would be a good choice to go with them.

#3 Share your conquests

Get in on the action! To really understand Pokémon Go, start to join on discussions with other players and start to play it yourself. You can then start to engage with people on social media and start to construct posts around it to start developing relationships. If you’re not playing it then you are missing out on joining in with a discussion that has 1.2 million tweets per day. By playing the game, you are relating to your customers and cashing in on some valuable exposure. Even the President of Israel is getting involved! This picture of him catching Meowth in his office received over 38,000 likes and 6,500 shares.

We hope you can take some points from this article and put them into action in your marketing plan. If you have any questions about Pokémon Go or how you can use it in your social media campaigns then drop us a tweet at @hoopla_uk or email info@hoopla-marketing.com

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