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How Can I Use Pinterest to Market My Business?

When looking into what social media platforms to use for your business, Pinterest is often over looked and seen more for personal use. However, Pinterest converts 87% of social media browsers into buyers! Alongside many other benefits outlined in this article. Here are some fantastic examples of companies who are using Pinterest to significantly influence their business.

If we went onto the Whole Foods profile and saw a collection of individual ingredients, this would be very unappealing and irrelevant to any Pinterest user. However, they have cleverly created boards that consist of what the customer can do with their products when at home (cook yummy food)! This idea can be applied to many companies. For example, furniture is considerably more appealing to consumers when they can visualise what it would look like in their own homes, rather then just seeing the product alone.

The Travel Channel cleverly uses Pinterest, more as a portal to blogs they have created on their website. While this massively increases traffic to their website, it also enables more people to view the blog posts and increase brand awareness.

Although Pinterest has many brilliant features and ways of helping your business, it is important to ensure Pinterest is the right fit for your company. The most important question to ask yourself, no matter whether you supply a service or product, is whether visual imagery is important to your business? If this is the case, visually attractive content can be lost in the stream of channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

If your company sells visually appealing products, or provides a service where imagery is important, here are the reasons why Pinterest could provide an excellent platform to market your business!

1. Pinterest can directly increase sales, rather than just brand awareness

It is widely known that social media is perfect for increasing awareness of your company, building relationships and many other benefits, in the hope it will increase future sales. What sets Pinterest apart from it’s social media counterparts is the ability to turn considerably more browsers into buyers! According to research, a colossal 87% of Pinners have purchased a product as a result of browsing on Pinterest. They also found that 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan future purchases.

2. Increase SEO without spending huge amounts on Google targeted ad campaigns

A handy feature on Pinterest for all marketers/ business owners is that Pins generate more inbound links to your website! This increase to traffic to your website is very beneficial and definitely contributes to the follow-through of browsers to buyers!

3. Expand knowledge on your target market

Pinterest is perfect for this. A ready made database of your target market, who are easily accessible and have mood boards consisting of all the things they love and find interesting. This is ideal for getting a better idea of what external content to share across your other digital marketing channels. Furthermore, this helps a range of businesses whose target market may not be as active on channels such as Twitter and Snapchat. While other platforms can be very bottom heavy in regard to age, Pinterest has a more equal spread with 27% of their users being 50-64 years old.


4. A platform made with businesses in mind!

Last but definitely not least.. Pinterest is where consumers go to look at products! Rather than Twitter, where they tend to favour news, people are more welcoming to marketing on Pinterest. Individuals want to connect and engage with brands! Research found that a whopping 83% of people would rather follow companies than celebrities!

If you have any more questions about Pinterest and how to make it work for your business, drop us an email at info@hoopla-marketing.com or tweet us @Hoopla_UK !

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