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Twitter’s 140 Characters is Expanding!

The news that we have all been waiting for finally came out last week……. The 140 character limit on Twitter is expanding! The character limit is still staying the same but links, pictures and mentions will no longer apply to this limit.

Before this expansion links and pictures each took up 24 of the 140 characters meaning if you wanted to create a tweet with a picture and then direct someone to a website link then you only had 92 characters left to play with.

What does this mean? If you regularly use Twitter then you will know the stress and limitations of trying to fit everything you want into one tweet. This change will mean people can now write more in each tweet to describe pictures, videos, link content etc. while still keeping what makes Twitter great!

If you have any questions on social media or on this new twitter character limit then drop us a tweet at @hoopla_uk.

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