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Tips & Tricks to Get Social Content Appearing on Google

When searching for a business online we are now able to see so much more than just their website, instead we are able to find information such as news stories, customer reviews, client feedback and company updates. This flood of new content on Google search is now heavily influenced by social media channels and companies who ignore social will be hindering their SEO and overall digital marketing efforts.

The way in which people conduct their online searches is also changing with people now turning to social media channels. According to KissMetrics “Twitter handled 19 billion search queries a month ……that’s more than 5x the queries handled by Bing!”.

This massive increase in people using social media for search means that it’s more important than ever to ensure your company profiles are up to date and valuable content is shared.

Below are 4 tips on how you can improve your company social media channels to increase your visibility when people “search”:

Tip #1

Make sure your media channels have personality and look professional and appealing to your audience. If you have a few different social media accounts then make sure they all link with each other and fit with your brand theme.

Tip #2

This new addition to Google Search is all good and well if you are using the right keywords in your social media posts however if you’re not then your competitor might be taking your customers from right under your nose! Using the right keywords that are relevant to your business, product, service and industry is very important and even more so now that Google will rank your social media pages based on the keywords you are using. Look at what is in you bio and about us pages on your social media profiles… are your keywords in there? Is your location up to date? The more keywords and detailed information you can put into your profile the better.

Tip #3

Utilising content that your target market will find valuable and can interact with is key. By developing a high value content plan with posts that people can interact with increase the reach and impressions of your brand. It also helps if the post has a link to your website so when people are sharing the content through social media there’s a higher chance of people clicking onto your website, therefore driving more traffic and positively influencing your Google rankings.

Tip #4

There is nothing worse than seeing a post with too many hash tags as it looks unprofessional! However including a few related hashtags to the topic you’re posting about is vital to increasing the reach of your posts. We recommended that you use no more than 3 hashtags and ensuring they aren’t too big! Keep it short and simple! Conduct some research into #hashtags that are relevant in your sector and which your customers use. We work with a range of event companies and a brilliant hashtag to take part in is #eventprofs.

Social media pages are more personal than a website or a link on Google, but keeping it professional still is crucial! So next time you’re posting on social media think about the above key points, it could get you organically higher up the Google search.

If you have any questions on social media and how this can help drive your organic search then drop us a tweet at @hoopla_uk

(Source – https://blog.kissmetrics.com/social-media-and-seo/)

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