end of twitter?

End of a Twitter Era?

If you use twitter then you’ve probably developed the unique ability to fit everything you want to say into 140 characters… yet rumour has it that this hard earned skill may no longer be needed!

The rumours of the 140 character limit being scrapped began after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reviled:

‘We’ve spent a lot of time observing what people are doing on Twitter, and we see them taking screenshots of text and tweeting it. Instead, what if the text… was actually text?’

Surely if it was ‘actually text’ it wouldn’t be the Twitter we all know and love. The limited character feature defines Twitter, it differentiates from any other social media platform. It limits us from rambling, ranting and posting rubbish, and allows us to be quick, witty and scroll hundreds of posts at a time. If this feature was to go… would we just have another Facebook on our hands?

Twitter users have been quick to voice their opinions about the idea:

‘If Twitter gets rid of the 140 character limit I’m going to delete my account’


‘No Twitter- stop the evolution pls. Keep 140 characers, scarp the advertising and just keep what made it great’


‘Don’t lift the character limit. Word economy is the last line of defense keeping twitter from becoming Facebook’


Sounds like this could this be the end of Twitter as we know it! Tweet us your thoughts on the scrapping of the character limit to @hoopla_uk

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