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New Facebook Feature Can Seriously Boost Your Video Views

Did you know that about 85% of all video content on Facebook is watched on mute? So if users can’t understand your video with the sound off, then your video may be difficult to understand to the majority of users!

Videos on Facebook play without sound by default on both desktop and mobile – and viewers typically don’t switch the sound on for a number of reasons.

A way around this was to add captions manually to your videos so people can follow along without any sound. Powerful but very time consuming!

Facebook however are now offering a fantastic tool that should be pretty familiar to people who upload video content to YouTube. This new Facebook feature is a way to automatically generate captions for your videos, and then edit them right inside Facebook.

This is a huge leap forward for anyone who posts video’s to their Facebook Page as being able to add text automatically to videos will save hours of time and allow you to tap into the 85% of people you may of been missing out on.

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