How can I increase the reach of my blog?

How Can I Increase the Reach of My Blog?

  • The list of benefits of blogging include:

  • Increased website traffic

  • Humanises your brand

  • Supports your social media initiatives

  • Builds authority in your industry

  • Improves conversion rates

  • Helps generate inbound links

  • Helps you rank for long-tail search queries

  • Increases leads

  • Facilitates valuable discussion

An example of where blogs are used well can be seen over at IWantoneofThose.com (IWOOT). IWOOT started their blog a number of years ago and started to post content around gift ideas and subjects such as ‘What to get dad for Fathers Day’ This transformed the company into a huge online influencer and positioned them as a key channel for gift ideas and inspiration. By keeping up to date with trends and posting engaging content they became one of the most popular gift stores on the internet today.

If you don’t currently blog then you should and if you do then you are on the right track! However ensuring maximum reach of your blog is essential that’s why we have put together these tips on how you can increase the reach of your blog content!

Engaging Content

Good pieces of content that are tailored to the target market is essential! There seems to be a trend at the minute for companies to just make content for the sake of it but it needs to be high quality content that has a purpose for the end user. A piece of content that suffices an end users needs will always be popular and more importantly…..shareable. The content marketing game is growing up! Simply waiting for a piece of your own-hosted brand content to go viral isn’t an option anymore and businesses need to innovate to stand out.

The best campaigns feed off each other and encourage dialogue with the end user to then lead to user generated content. A piece of blog content shouldn’t be posted and then left but should encourage the users to talk about it, share it etc. Winning content campaigns encourage sharing and interaction which creates a measurable trail.

Responding to trends

Being current and responding to trends in your customers marketplace is an essential element of a content plan! People don’t want to hear things that they already know and instead want to be engaged with current topics and trends. A recent article we put together on Pokemon Go was a topical issue and due to its current popularity we have received a very high engagement rate and a high level of enquires on how to use this as a marketing channel.

Get your headings right!

Only 1 out 5 people will read beyond the headline, it’s the first thing the reader is going to see therefore it needs to stand out to make people then click to read further. Ensure that you get across the point of the blog in the title and ensure that you don’t use too many words. When putting together your title, it’s important to also avoid a few things such as days of the week, internet slang, numbers, writing in caps and superlatives, as these can significantly reduce the open rate.

Using imagery to tell your story

Images tell 1000 words so you need to be using them in your blogs to assist with telling your story. You can use images to get your point across easier, add colour to your otherwise text-heavy blog and summarise points visually. When using images though, make sure you don’t use stock imagery! Spend the extra time to find good images and if you cant find any make some yourself using software packages such as Canva.

Be human on Social media

Don’t just post your blog on social media and then nothing else! Reach out to people and direct them to your blog to read. Use software such as Buzzsumo to search for people who have produced similar content in the past and get them to engage with it. See who has engaged with similar content in the past and direct them to your post. People will react much better to a human rather than a static bland message directing to your article. Getting people to share it for you is a quick and simple way to increase the reach. It will go out to a lot more people than if you just sent it out yourself. Content is king but remember…..engagement is Queen!

Distribute your content via email

Email is still a highly powerful tool! Ensure you send out your blog to your email data and get them to engage with it. The best time to send out an email is the middle of the week (Wednesday/Thursday) at 2-2:30 pm. Your audience however won’t always want the same thing so if you have a graphic design post, send it out to all your graphic designer contacts and if you have an IT post then send it to your IT contacts. This will keep everyone happy as they only see the content that they want to see.

Pick a time and stick to it!

Blogs are brilliant at developing loyalty and authority therefore if you start sending out blog posts and people start to return to get more of the same then you should ensure you keep them happy. So if you post a blog every week, keep it to the same time and day every week. That way they will know when and where to find new content and develop loyalty with your brand.

Promote your content

If you want increase the reach of your blog across your target market then you need to be using paid for ads across social media channels like Facebook to get your content seen. Using targeted ads will allow your content to appear in front of thousands of people that match your customer profile.


Get a guest blogger in!

Getting a guest blogger can give your blog a fresh look, ensure you deliver rich and insightful content to your audience and attract new people to your blog. If you are covering a particular subject then get people who are experts to add content to that particular post.

We hope this blog helps you drive more people to your … blog! Let us know if it has helped you and feel free to ask us any question you have by either tweeting us at @hoopla_UK or by emailing us at info@hoopla-marketing.com

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