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Facebook Will No Longer Punish Longer Videos

Over the past few weeks Facebook has taken another massive move to compete more with YouTube and improve their video discovery service further!

Currently Facebook is more of a video content discovery platform with people using YouTube with intent to search for something they are looking for. This is however changing with Facebook about to implement a video search function, so that you can search for the video content you are looking for. No longer will you have to go to YouTube to find a video as you will be able to search completely within Facebook.

But generally Facebook has punished longer videos … and this is about to change!

Facebook is changing the way it ranks videos in its news feed algorithm. In the past shorter videos where given a higher priority in the ranking of the News Feed because of the percent completion rate which unintentionally punished longer videos. The revamped algorithm will taken into account a number of factors now for longer videos thus effectively removing the accidental penalty. This new algorithm is similar to YouTube’s, which categorizes video based on watch time.

It’s no longer just about those short, snappy casual videos or the 6 second kitty vids (Shout out to Vine!). It’s about you essentially experiencing rich content when you’re on News Feed, regardless of the length.

This change will mean that you will no longer be penalised for uploading longer video content to FB and is another move by Facebook to challenge YouTube.

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