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Does PPC Make You Want to Hulk Smash Your Laptop?

PPC can have amazing return on investment… if done right. However many waste thousands on PPC!

A few tips that we have devised over time are:

1. Quality over quantity!

Although this is possibly the most over-used term, it’s a true one!

It’s essential when running a PPC campaign to watch your keywords like a hawk.

If they are not preforming well, get rid of them!

Even if the keyword is relevant, if it’s too broad and under performing then pause it and save money.

Keeping a close eye on your more broad keywords is also essential as there is a high proportion of searchers who will click on your link and not find what they are actually looking for, and it will cost you! By regularly checking your account you can see which keywords are converting, and which ones aren’t.

By only using keywords that are effective, rather than just choosing the ones that are relevant, you will not only maximize your budget but also get valuable results!

2. Use A/B Testing to get the best results

A/B testing consists of creating multiple versions of your ad and changing different aspects (wording, etc.) to see what works best for you! It is a great way to compare different sections of your PPC ad to see what is performing well in four different key aspects:

– The headline – The body text – The link – The keywords the ad displays for

By creating different combinations of these aspects, you can explore what works best for your specific ad. The only way to figure out which ones work best for your products is to test different ones and track the results. A/B testing therefore ensures that you are getting the most conversions for your ad possible with your budget.

3. Analyse your quality score

Google ads quality score is another aspect to keep in mind when starting a PPC campaign. If you keep your quality score in check, Google algorithms will reward you in the long-run!

The 4 main factors you need to analyse are:

– How relevant your ad is to the keyword – The relevance of your ad to your landing page – The click-through rate of your ad – How well your account has performed previously.

For example, if you use the keyword ‘fruit’ and your ad is for a window cleaning business, this will have a massively negative effect on your quality score, as it is completely irrelevant!

If you keep your ad within the correct guidelines stated above, you can appear higher on the search, even if other businesses have put a higher bid than you. So keep your ads to the point and give searchers the information they are looking for, or you will waste your money and jeopardise future ad campaigns!

Hope this helps!

Do you have any tips on maximizing your PPC budget?

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