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A Quick Guide to Marketing Your Business With Instagram

Whilst most businesses realise by now that social media is vital to any marketing strategy, with so many platforms to choose from it can be difficult to settle on the ones that offer maximum exposure. One platform that has been largely overlooked in the past is Instagram.

This may be set to change, however, as brands and businesses discover the benefits of using this photo sharing platform – in fact some research suggests that users on Instagram are far more likely to engage than on other social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

Get to know the platform

If you are new to Instagram then it pays to get to know the site. As with other social media platforms it has its own little quirks and online etiquette. The platform provides some clear guidelines for businesses who are looking to promote themselves (including how to advertise) and it’s a good idea to check out what other brands are doing to leverage online influence.

Hashtags are important

As with other platforms, hashtags are important on Instagram and you need to find the most relevant ones your target audience is using. This allows you to cast your net wider and reach potential customers beyond your current following. Whilst you can put up to 30 hashtags in one post, it is sensible to restrict yourself to about 3 – too many can make your descriptive text difficult to read and too sales orientated.

Interesting images with good descriptions

The core of Instagram is in its images and it’s a great opportunity to bring some personality to your business. There’s an old adage in business that has remained true over the years, even in this digital age: people buy from people. The more you can put your personality across, the more you are likely to engage current and potential customers. Mix high quality images with videos that tell the story of your business including how customers interact with it.


Don’t be selfish

It’s not just about you and that goes for all other social media platforms as well. People don’t care too much for businesses that continually push their own products and advertise themselves. Engage fully with other users and followers, respond to good content and pass on messages if you want to pump some life into your account.

Run a contest

Everyone loves to win a prize and social media, particularly Instagram, makes it easy to run a competition. Get followers and customers to share their videos of themselves using your product and offer a good prize for the winner and you could seriously boost your online visibility. It’s a cheap and effective way of getting your product out there without appearing too pushy.

Link to other social media

You can link your Instagram to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter if you are on these too. When you post something on Instagram it immediately appears on your other feeds and reaches a wider audience.

Do what works for you

Marketing on social media such as Instagram comes with its own set of rules but there will be things that work for other businesses that don’t necessarily work for you. Having the right metrics in place to show how a particular line of attack works or doesn’t is vital if you want to build the best strategy for your business and leverage the potential of this or any other platform.

If you have any questions on how to use Instagram or any other social media channels to market your business then email us at info@hoopla-marketing.com and we will be happy to assist. You can also take a look at our full range of social media services at www.hoopla-marketing.com.

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