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Is Your Website Holding You Back from Growing Your Business?


Is your brand struggling to attract new customers? Or even finding it hard to get existing customers to come back for more? Your website could be to blame.

Websites are at the heart of any modern business. They are a 24/7 sales person – constantly showcasing products and services. And if they’re not up to scratch they can hold you back big time.

Is your site holding your business back? And what you can do to fix it?

Why websites matter

Whether it’s search engine optimisation or pay-per-click marketing, companies spend a lot of money trying to drive traffic to their website. Many will be disappointed with their results, with hardly any visitors converting into customers.

Why? In short, it’s because their website simply isn’t performing as it should.

Your website needs to attract traffic first. That’s crucial. However, once they do arrive, a site’s ability to convert clicks into customers will be the defining factor.

So, when it comes to the design of your site, what is important?


  • Design – First and foremost, your site needs to be attractive, easy to navigate and full of content that strengthens your brand.
  • User-journey – There needs to be clear steps in place to guide visitors towards the desired action, whether that’s a purchase, enquiry or subscription.
  • Speed – Sites that take over 4 seconds to load see a 100% increase in bounce rate, not to mention that Google factors site speed into their search engine rankings.
  • Optimisation for mobile – Users spend more than double the time browsing on mobile desktop compared to desktop, with a growing proportion of sales coming from mobile devices too.
  • Effective tracking – It’s also important that you can track the results of your efforts, with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, so you know what does and doesn’t work and can make data-driven decisions.

End-to-end marketing

An effective website is an essential part of the conversion process. However, it’s also important to look at the customer journey as a whole:

  • Awareness – Firstly, your brand needs to create mass interest and desire among your target audience for your products or services, and encourage them to perform a meaningful action.
  • Education – The next step is to develop an appetite and convert people who have shown an interest in your brand, product and services. Engaging content, targeted remarketing and email marketing will help educate your audience.
  • Conversion – There is no point driving lots of traffic through to your website if they aren’t effectively converting into customers. Analyse your website and make improvements to ensure that the conversion rate is maximised.
  • Loyalty Expansion – It costs a lot more to acquire customers than it does to keep hold of them. Encourage loyalty and ongoing, repeat business with cross-selling and upselling to increase purchase value.
  • Tribe Marketing – At Hoopla Marketing, we try to create a cult following of raving fans and repeat buyers for our clients.

Our website optimisation process

Hoopla has years of experience designing, developing and delivering effective websites for a wide range of businesses. From simple brochure sites to full e-commerce stores, we offer a solution that is expertly designed, mobile optimised and lighting fast to deliver the very best user experience and conversion rates.

Want to find out more? Simply get in touch with our team on 0161 731 0048 or email info@hoopla-marketing.com today.

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