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Lalage Beaumont approached Hoopla for support in improving the visibility of their website on search engines and to help improve the rankings of the keywords and phrases they wanted to be discovered for. They also wanted assistance in helping increase overall organic traffic to the website among the key target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation
Fashion • E-commerce


  • Help improve the visibility of the website on search engines

  • Assist with improving the rankings of the keywords and phrases that the target audience would use to discover the brand

  • Increase overall organic traffic to the website among the key target audience
  • Improve the organic discoverability of the website for set keywords and phrases
Lalage Beaumont

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Search Engine Optimisation
  • Conducted a thorough website audit where we focussed on relevance and authority. During the audit we highlighted the websites SEO Score, Errors, Crawlability, Site Performance and Internal Linking.
  • From the audit we then developed a 3-month SEO action plan with areas we will focus on both onsite and offsite SEO improvements.
  • We then worked our way through the SEO action plan with the allocated onsite and offsite optimisation hours.
  • Provided a monthly SEO report where we highlighted the improvements in website visibility and keyword rankings.

Recent Results

keyword improvement
Increase in organic sales

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