Aldi approached Hoopla for support in utilising influencers to
reassure and convince shoppers that they have the range and quality
of products to deliver an ‘Amazing Christmas’ to minimise trading up
to other supermarkets or brands. They wanted us to utilise
influencers to reassure their target audience on quality, range,
availability and price.


Drive foot traffic to the Aldi’s website, social channels and store

Drive mass brand awareness of Aldi’s key ranges across the key target audiences

Create awareness and desire among the brands target audience’s, encouraging them to visit the website or store to browse and purchase

Create awareness and desire among Aldi’s target audience’s by tapping into the trusted voice of key influencers that have developed a large community of the brands target audience due to their authentic storytelling



We provided a detailed report, displaying all the content that has been produced over the campaign period

Reporting on all available metrics such as Reach, engagement, website traffic, sales and revenue. This allowed us to track the performance of each influencer and reward the best performing influencers

Social media campaigns put in place to amplify influencer activity to key target audiences to achieve a greater reach

Influencer management and content monitoring

5 engaging Youtube videos where created by the influencers

The influencers where provided with detailed creative briefs to help with their content development

We managed the roll out of the campaign across the influencer network including personalisation for the influencers

Influencers where provided with unique affiliate links and trackable codes allowing us to track and monitor all activity

Created a network of key influencers who was willing to promote the brand across Youtube and their key social channels

We researched, validated, engaged and invited the influencers into the campaign. This stage ensured we only engage influencers who carry true authority in the brands niche and had a true passion for the brands product to ensure authentic storytelling

We researched and developed organic and authentic relationship with key influencers that had a true passion for the Aldi brand and products and had an engaged following of the brands target audience.